“My only complaint is that I am mad at myself for not finding you guys sooner!  Fantastic, user friendly website, prompt and great drivers. Looking forward to working with you guys a lot more in the future.”

Nicole Desharnais, Canton, MA
Boston Corporate Attorney (6/15/2013)


“Was very pleased with the service. It was corteous, friendly, and on-time.”

R. Evans, Banking Executive, Philadelphia PA (6/4/2013)


“Ride was great. Thank you. Great service!”

Karen Dunn, Sonepar USA, Orlando, FL (6/3/2013)


When asked if she enjoyed our car service, here’s what CJ had to say:
“Are you kidding?!! That was the best ride ever! I kinda didn’t want it to end 🙂 The driver was one helluva man, one I’d love to sit down and just shoot the shit with. I really appreciate a good conversationalist and love intellectual stimulation. So thank you Benjamin.


CJ Shane, Wala Wala, Washington


“Hey it’s Canada’s Girl replying back.  Just got through security, what a pain (grrrrr!). You are very sweet & a lot of fun, your hospitality & kindness are greatly appreciated. I’ll be sure to “like” All-Savants Transportation on FB. Take care & have a great week. I’ll be sure to let all the “Savage Girls” know on FB to utilize your transportation services next time they are in town. Here’s to “Fitness Universe Miami” June 2013…woo-hoo. Cheers :)”

Debbie, Kingston, Ontario (Canada)

“I don’t trust anybody else. I’ve had a million drivers including my childhood buddy from NY. And I don’t trust anyone like my driver Benjamin from All-Savants. Benjamin knows every place! I go from Weymouth to Beacon Hill to BU. They are the best! All-Savants. All of the time.”

Thomas, Bouncer-Harpoon Brewery (Boston MA)_______________________________________________________________________________________

“All-Savants did a great job! Thanks!”

Caryn Wachsler, Florida


“Super service. Thank you for everything!”

Kim Lupori, South Carolina

“Thank you for everything! Best cab ride ever.”

Shunja, Tokyo, Japan


“All-Savants is already 4 million times better than any car service I’ve dealt with. I called 3 times and they answered on the 3rd ring! Sincerely, a very excited social worker.”

Laura Iverson, California

“Doing the courteous thing is good; doing the professional thing is better. Doing both? Well, that’s just way beyond priceless. And that’s All-Savants. That’s the simple truth. They were so kind to me and my family when we were in town. My daughter Maria ran the Boston Marathon. And our driver, Benjamin from All-Savants Transportation was like our savior, our guardian Angel. (wife, daughter & her fiancé.)

Joe Byrne & Family, Ontario, Canada (4/15/13)


“Benjamin, apologies for my lack of engagement on my ride back to Logan on 4/21, I was so sleep deprived I think I lost the language circuitry of my brain! Thank you for such good service, care, kindness, and communication…wishing you all good and that those you work with continue to benefit…best,

Diane Renz, Boulder, CO (4/13/13)


“This transportation company broke through my life in the most amazing way. It was like THE breakthrough in my life. There is a God. Believe that. I used to have such resentment towards black men. But Benjamin saved my life tonight. I was out drinking with friends in Boston and somehow we got separated. I had way too much. I’m not a city girl. I lost my purse. I had no money. No taxi & cab would take me home. And they were extremely rude about it. Some were even vile. But Benjamin not only took me home, he seemed to truly care. When I got home my family thanked him they told me. Luckily I had their business card because I’d like to Thank you too. Some might take this as an insult but with all my heart, he was so classy — a classy black man…There are taxi services. And then there’s All-Savants Transportation.”

Christina T., North Andover (3/15/13)


“When asked if she enjoyed our car service, here’s what Debbie had to say:

“Yes I did enjoy the ride. Thank you & very nice to meet you finally. Very impressed with your memory, totally awesome! See you on Sunday & Thx forur kindness & generosity, much appreciated : )

Debbie Miller, Kingston, Ontario – Canada (03/22/13)


Kerri had this to say about her experience with us:

“Professional, friendly and most importantly on time! Thanks for getting my family to and from our destinations safely !!!”

Kerri Haynes, Bridgewater MA (03/6/12)


A friend and I went to Providence after renting a car for the day. Adrian took us and picked us up from the airport. He was so polite and courteous, we totally enjoyed him! These gentlemen truly know what service is!! Thank you so much. You are my “Go to” transportation service! I am so grateful the Hilton in Dedham gave me your name 🙂

Patti Wisler, OK (01/22/2013)


I arrived to Boston Airport at 10:30 pm and Benjamin was waiting for me! I let him know when I had picked up my luggage and he came down to me so I didn’t have to go up to the second floor with my suitcase. He was so professional and FRIENDLY!! I told him I might need him this weekend and he told me that Sunday was a huge game day. We adjusted our plans so we could avoid the “mad house”. I loved that he was so personable. Thank you,Benjamin!

Patti Wisler, OK (01/22/213)


I had a really early flight home in the morning, and I was really worried about how I would get to the airport on time. Luckily, I found All Savants, and I had a wonderful ride. Benjamin was right on time and extremely friendly (despite it being really early). I’m really glad I found this service, and I definitely plan on using it again!

Dabin Choe, MIT (10/8/2012)


I can honestly say that this company offers great, fairly priced taxi services in nice vehicles, and that the driver I had is one of the best people I have ever gotten the opportunity to talk to.

I would recommend this service to anyone taking a cab anywhere. I understand any skepticism people may have, but just take a ride once and see for yourself. There is no catch and there are no gimmicks; it’s a flat rate ride with incredibly kind drivers and great vehicles.”

David Bocek, MIT (8/17/2012)


I had Savants Transportation today for the first time and… I’m a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 7… And I have to say the service–it was the best. The driver opened the door. We had good talk. He was a really nice person. I felt so comfortable.

And I really wanted to say thank you.

Gail Antonelli, Weymouth MA (07/24/2012)


Me and a bunch of my friends went out to Marina Bay and drank until we were stumbling. So we left our cars and called Savants Transportation. It was the best decision we ever made. Trust me. I know. I bartend for a living.

Bobby Doyle, Boston MA (7/18/2012)


My wife & I were taking our 2 kids on a family trip & needed a reliable car service to take us to and from the airport. And Savants Transportation was just whom we were looking for. Don’t be fooled by cab companies that might offer you lower (flat) pricing – dirty cars, sketchy looking drivers, and not being punctual are some of the surprises that could ruin your trip even before it begins.

Not Savants Transportation.

The car (SUV) that we rode in, to and from the airport, was meticulously clean. Their rate was very, very competitive. And the service was super friendly.And, most importantly they were ALWAYS right on time.

I have found my car service. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Mr. Reyzay Y. & family, Wakefield, MA (07/18/2012)


I used Savants Transportation back in February over the school vacation to visit a friend. My driver Benjamin, was very polite, dependable, early,  funny, and played enjoyable music. Even though I was a bit short in my funds, Benjamin hooked me up and took me to my destination. I recommended Savants Transportation to all of my family & friends. If you need a ride, they WILL get you there, for an unbeatable price. Thanks Savants 🙂

Jazmin Butler, TauntonMA (05/31/2012)

Best Friends. 99 Miles apart. No problem. Savants Transportation brings them together.


This company has been a gift to me, considering the fact that I had to take 2 cabs and several buses just to get to my appointments in Fall River MA. I live in Raynham MA, which is pretty far from Fall River. My days of travel, to and from Fall River, were miserable until these guys came around. Not only would their drivers pick me up at my doorstep, but they would drive me to my appointments, wait for me, and then bring me back to my doorstep…all for a low flat rate. They are polite, considerate, on time, and they always called me the night before. Their drivers have done a great job.

Susan Tanguay, Raynham MA (03/29/2012)


I have been transported by this company many times and was very pleased with their drivers’ promptness and professionalism. I will continue to use them for all my transportation needs.

Paul O’Neill, Middleboro MA (03/22/2012)


I had the pleasure of having Benjamin as a driver a few times. He was such a gentleman, was on time and held the door open both ways, coming and going. Kind of rare these days so I truly appreciate that. I also told so many people about his service. Hopefully, family, friends and neighbors are calling him.

Brandi Butler, Taunton MA (03/12/2012)


I have used All-Savants Transportation in order to guarantee that I will have transportation to and from Boston’s Logan Airport when I need to book a red-eye flight. The driver was on time, I was not charged an outrageous fee for spending a few minutes to say good-bye to my boyfriend before entering the vehicle, and I was dropped off at the airport quickly and safely. Compared to my previous experiences with Boston-Cambridge Taxi Companies, especially in the MIT-Kendall Square area, All-Savants delivers professional service at a reasonable price. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for low cost, but high quality transportation service in the MIT-Cambridge-Boston area. In fact, I would encourage you to.

Netia McCray, MIT Undergraduate, Class of 2013 (02/19/2012)


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